NetCamCenter and cloud recordings - Quick Start Guide

Setup NetCamCenter for remote viewing and recording in CamNebula surveillance cloud
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Setting up NetCamCenter is fairly easy. First, register for a serial number and setup your cameras. For remote monitoring and recording (optional), simply enable CamNebula in camera setup. For remote viewing, you will also need to install Silverlight, QuickTime on PC or mobile Apps.
  • 1. Register your free CamNebula account.
    Keep your web browser open. Do not logout yet.

  • 2. Run NetCamCenter, enter your username and NetCamCenter serial number. You can find the info as the screen shots below. Note the username should be your CamNebula username, not Facebook, Google ...etc.
    Enter NetCamCenter Serial Number

    For webcams and DirectShow devices, NetCamCenter will auto detect and setup the devices for you, continue to Step 3. For IP cameras, you'll need to add cameras and configure NetCamCenter, please see NetCamCenter Setup and follow the instructions there to setup your IP cameras.

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