Remote viewing with web browser

For remote monitoring with web browser on desktop PC or iOS devices.
  • Start web browser and type in
  • Log on to CamNebula service.
  • If you haven't setup CamNebula remote viewing (default is off), on NetCamCenter video window, click on camera Setup, Cloud tab, Enable CamNebula ( see QuickStart step #3). Remote viewing does not work unless you enabled and configured it properly.
  • Click on Live to view live video.
    Select DVR player for DVR feature and for best compatibility (requires Silverlight plugin). Or select QuickTime (requires Apple QuickTime plugin) if you favor low-latency (around 2 seconds, could be more or less, depends on your QuickTime settings and connection to CamNebula). QuickTime plugin, however, only works with Internet Explorer. For web browser on iOS, select Apple HLS.

Setup remote monitoring in 90 seconds

Silverlight Player
QuickTime Player (for Internet Explorer only)
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